Five ways to make the ultimate burger

Enjoyed the world over, hamburgers are a mealtime winner not only because are they reasonably priced, easy to eat and delicious, they’re also a piece of edible art if compiled correctly.

Whether they’re enjoyed as a favourable feast with family or munched upon while mingling with mates, you can’t go wrong with a good burger. But not every burger is the same – here are five ways to make the ultimate burger:-

The perfect seasoning

Making a burger patty may seem pretty easy – just combine minced beef with egg and breadcrumbs right? Not actually, how you season a patty is as important as the rest of it. For me, the perfect burger patty is a combination of salt, pepper and fresh garden herbs which help emphasise the flavours for both meat and chicken.

Fresh from the garden

Having crispy lettuce, home-made relish or freshly-baked rolls can make all the difference in the battle for a great burger. Access to good quality, fresh ingredients, whether it’s from your DIY garden patch or the local farm stall, creates an unbeatable culinary experience.

Handled with care

The gourmet burger look is all about the authentic look – no burger should look the same. Play around with the size of your patty remembering that the thicker the patty, the longer it takes to cook (although it is more flavourful), and consider your presentation – make something that is equally visually appealing as it is appetizing.

Every bite is a unique flavour experience

Your patty and choice of toppings create a flavour story with every bite, so consider which flavours complement each other.  Maybe create a ‘flavour tasting’ event to figure out what flavours you want to add to your personalised tower. As an example, peppery and slightly bitter Rocket combined with sweet & spicy locally-grown Peppadews, complement each other perfectly and are an enjoyable addition to a chicken patty while jalapeño paired with red onion on a beef patty is just as delicious.

Easy on the toppings

While we’re on the topic of toppings: just because you can add all the toppings, it doesn’t mean you should. Remember that your burger tower needs to be enjoyed the best way – in both hands and not falling apart with every bite. Select toppings that not only create an explosion of flavour, but also keep the burger neat and edible.

Chef Martin Kobald is the Vice President of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Honorary Past President of the South African Chefs Association (SACA) and the owner of the ChefMLK School of Cooking. Chef Martin recently developed McDonald’s #McDSupremes range of gourmet burgers and he’s happy to teach anyone who is willing to learn about the perfect combination of flavours.

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